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tv   WUSA 9 News at 530pm  CBS  December 14, 2017 5:30pm-5:59pm EST

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you are brave. you matter. >> reporter: word of hope in holiday cards to people who need a little, locked behind bars and then victimized. it is a problem of sexual assault. advocates with just attention international say men and women behind bars must be a part of the conversation, too. >> the person can be an offender, someone who is incarcerated or convicted of a crime and a victim at the same time. >> reporter: it is a big problem. according to the numbers, 4% of all prisoners nationwide are victims of sexual assault. >> that's not mentioning juveniles. we are talking about 200,000 people a year, according to federal statistics. as we know, a lot of people don't report sexual assault. so the best indicators are that those numbers are just the tip of the iceburg. and the thing is this is something that is about all of us. any of us could find ourselves in jail or in police
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ages wrote card's the inmates, a colorful picture or uplifting word. >> thank you for your courage in speaking out. >> reporter: let them know those on the outside understand, too. >> knowing they are someone who is a survivor of sexual assault in terms of the work we are doing, makes it that much more urgent for them to know they are not alone and there is hope. >> the campaign is called awards of hope. it is in the 8th year. i'm told a record 18,000 cards were collected this year. in a week they'll all be delivered to 500 prisoners nationwide. >> when i have a chance to tell my story it is quite a story to tell. as the only african-american woman in this white house, as a senior staff and assistant to the president, i have seen things that made me uncomfortable and upset me and affected me deeply and emotionally. it affected my community and my people. when i can tell my story it is a profound story. that i know the world will want to hear.
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we have not seen the last of omarosa manigault newman. the reality star turned white house aid promises to share her story after she officially leaves the trump administration next year. today she disputed reports she was forced out of her job and escorted from the building. >> reporter: omarosa manigault newman says stories surrounding her departure from the white house are 100% false. >> i was not escorted. i did not cause a disruption. >> reporter: resources tell cbs news mr. trump's chief of staff, john kelly, informed form -- informed omarosa she was being moved out of her position. >> john kelly and i had a very straight-forward about issues and concerns i raised. as a result, i resigned. >> reporter: sources tell cbs news omarosa tried to renegotiate with kelly and
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tried going to the white house residents where she tripped alarms and was escorted from the building. omarosa's official title was director of communications of the office. she was one of president trump's top aids. some people had a problem with her 14-year relationship with mr. trump. >> certainly i had more access than most. people had problems with that. >> reporter: last night president trump tweeted thank you omarosa for your service. i wish you continued success. she said when it is time she'll have quite a story to tell. a senior congresswoman said women on capitol hill are inviting unwanted advances because of the way they dressed. she made the comment in a closed door meeting yesterday. she said in a written statement it is
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if they are harassed in anyway. in recent weeks multiple law enforcements from both parties have been accused of sexual harassment. there is a new allegation today against former "the today show" host matt lauer. he had a secret relationship with a production assistant on the show. her name is addy. he said she had a one-month relationship with matt lauer in 2000 after he messaged her to have lunch. she provided variety with copies of the message and several more from 17 years ago. one said, hey, i hope you won't drag me to personnel for saying this but you look fantastic. i don't know what is going on in your life but it is agreeing with you. she said things progressed and they had a sexual relationship. she eventually left
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she said it took its toll on me. i changed emotionally. fear crept into my life. i became unsure. confidence i had was gone. for him it was a conquest. matt lauer's publicist did not respond for comments on the story. a representative for nbc declined to comment. one person is okay after they were trapped inside an elevator in fairfax county. it happened last night at 6:30 in the 1700 block of tyson boulevard in tyson's corner. fire crews found the elevator 35 feet below the 11th floor landing in a blind shaft. they came up with a plan involving technicians and crew members. the man in the elevator was rescued. still ahead, "star wars the force awakens" hits theaters tonight. we'll take you to one of the best places to see the movie and get your star wars fix in d.c. first, a church na
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someone steals baby jesus. see the funny video moment next. if you know someone standing in line to see "star wars the force awakens" 66 at 6:00. 31 at 10:00. it is cold. i guess the good news is wind subside tonight. we have light snow in the forecast. we'll tell you wh
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nick roberts from massachusetts surprised his pregnant girlfriend with these photos at their gender reveal party earlier this year. he is posing with his stomach showing at the beach, in his truck and eating fast food. he ate before to look a little pregnant. his girlfriend could not stop laughing when she got the photo. the two gave birth to a baby boy earlier this year. it is that time of year for the annual church christmas program. obviously the ugly sweater contest. i didn't win. i put
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this is festive and fabulous. it is not ugly. it has great craftsmanship. 'tis the season to have fun with your outfits and celebrate the holiday season. one parent got a surprise when she watched her daughter steal the show during the church nativity pageant. a tennessee mom filmed her little sheep stealing baby jesus. it broke all the rules leaving the crowd in laughter. it left the child playing. the mother had no choice but to take action. she rescued the baby jesus doll to put it back where it belonged. it made for a very funny and cute moment. mom said it was a christmas program that they will never forget. who will? >> that is funny.
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winfrey. she will receive the cecil b. demill awards. the hollywood foreign press association called her one of the most respected and admired figures today. and one one of the most influential women of our time. the award is given each year to someone who made an impact on the world of entertainment. she has made a lasting impact. >> absolutely. it is that time of year when we look back at the big moments of 2017. next, we'll show you the top google searches of the whole year. we take you to a galaxy far, far away in downtown d.c. inside of the air and space museum for
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google has unveiled the most popular searches of 2017. the top search was hurricane irma. the storm that slammed the florida coast in september followed by matt lauer and tom petty. the most googled people were matt lauer, meghan markle and harvey weinste
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>> when i found you i saw raw, untamed power. and beyond that something truly special. what a trailer. tonight is the night. "star wars: the last jedi" premiers across the country. it is the latest installment in the popular franchise. guess who is there? pete is. he is super excited. you got your ticket. are you sneaking in to get a sneak-peek? >> reporter: i'm wheeling and dealing here. i found out that i
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i should have really come to see it here at the national air and space museum. you get to be under the sky lab. they have folks from the 500 first regiment here. i'm here with the director here at the smithsonian to tell me what i'm missing out on. >> the natural air and space museum has two imax theaters. they offer the only full-speck ratio. >> reporter: i'm not coming here i'm missing out. >> we have two fantastic costumes born by luke skywalker our. -- sky walker. >> reporter: how did you get those? >> every time we do a release we try to bring in something used for film. costumes are great. it is a negotiation with companies, like anything else. it
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the guests. >> reporter: what is the experience like here? >> there is something unique about seeing a film here. scientist fiction is part of the museum mission. you can see it on imax screen and walk out and see actual spacecraft or aircraft, depending on the content. there is nothing like that. >> reporter: you sold out at 6:00, 9:00 and 11:55. >> we have some tickets left for the late show. >> reporter: you can get them as time goes on. >> absolutely. we have ticket -- tickets for the weekend. we'll have the costumes through january. >> reporter: we have now found out what i missed out on here. i'm not going to tell you where i'm going. i have a 12:35 ticket. it is cool to see the real thing here on imax. >> i have confidence in you. you are a fast-talker. make it happen. >> reporter: thank you. >> have fun.
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>> he is going to see it tonight one way or the other. >> either way. he is all set. >> we are looking at a colder day tomorrow. we have an increasing chance of snow east of i-95. a live look outside. temperatures are in the 30s already. 37 right now. feels-like 29. we have a little bit of a wind. the wind will settle down. winds out of the north at 13. they'll calm down tonight and we'll be in good shape. colder tonight. winds diminishing. bus stop temperatures 17 to 30. i guess the good news is there are no wind chills. light snow tomorrow. more south and east of town. and more east of i-95. it is unusual we had that the last couple of snows. chilly on saturday. looks dry on sunday for the game. temperatures rebound in the 50s. 37 tomorrow. then 44 on saturday. we are in the 50s sunday
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54 sunday. 56 monday. 57 on tuesday. here's future cast. we'll put this into motion. 10:00 tonight 25 gaithersburg. 31 downtown. we are partly cloudy. 6:00 a.m. clouds move in. temperatures in the 20s. by 9:00 we are looking at temperatures around 30 downtown. 26 in gaithersburg. future cast says a little bit of snow east of i-95. 31 andrews. it will be clearing out quickly on friday in the afternoon. by friday night, date night plans will be fine. model snow protections three tenths of an inch. not too much. the hog wild model is an inch. we had a holiday party today. they don't give us alcohol for a reason.
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a little bit of light snow possible tomorrow. tonight 17 to 27. partly cloudy skies. cold. winds northeast at 10. tomorrow morning clouds roll in. it is dry through the rush hour. winds are light. cold though. 17 to 33. by the afternoon a little bit of light snow south and east of town. did anybody hear anything i'm saying? i got a feeling people at home aren't hearing anything i'm saying. 34 to 39. light snow and flurries. winds west southwest at 10. again, your fine for date night. it clears out by then. day planner 20s to start. 33 at 1:00. a little bit of snow around lunchtime. chilly on saturday but nice. 44. milder with afternoon clouds. showers at night on
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dry for the game mid 50s. 50s on monday. tuesday a few showers. back to 41 on wednesday. 50 on saturday with sunshine returning. >> you are upstaging me. >> who wore it best? >> i think you did. in the spirit of the holiday season we have partnered with children's national to help get toys to children who will be spending the holidays in the hospital. you have a chance to help us spread a little hope to these kids. the best news is that you can do it all online. visit hope. that will take you to an amazon wish list. after you chose a gift and make your purchase, the toys will be delivered directly to the kids at children's national. here is a look of all the items purchased so far by so many of you. we thank you so much. there is a baby alive on my daughter's list. some children ll
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you'll make their holiday season. we appreciate your help in giving the gift of hope. if you want to help some more go to hope. not much hope more the redskins. they have three games left in the regular season. i guess there are still story lines to be told. the coach usually holds long- winded press conferences after practice. that was not the case today. it was all just injuries. let's call guiness, it was under a minute. >> for brown -- he said he was sick yesterday. is he better? how severe are his lower body injuries? >> they are injuring him quite a bit. sickness is starting to clear up a little bit. he is still a little sore. we'll see if
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it would have to be significant. we'll wait and see. nothing? is that it? %c1 >> there are no questions left apparently. i'm sure jay gruden is fun to throw a few beers back. lately he's been inspiring as plain soap. the football coach needs to give us more life. a pulse. i don't think i have seen a team rollover like the redskins did against the chargers. gruden said it was on him. he is right. at least he owned up to that part. the season is over. so much is left to be decided for the franchise. this game sunday against arizona is on gruden. the fans deserve better. it has to be
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them. rivers has a slogan in the locker room. we begin again no matter how good. >> they are champs. >> that's a good one. >> we are rooting for you. for families of fallen heroes, this time of year can be rough. up next, how a non-profit is stepping in to brighten their spirits this holiday season. coming up at 6:00, praise the lord and
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a decade ago an organization was started to support families that lost military family members to help them get through the season. >> reporter: red, white and blue aren't exactly christmas colors. but this event is the reason all these kids, who are total strangers, feel a family connection this holiday. >> i love them. i don't even know them. >> they have gone through the same thing. they'll be nice no matter what. >> reporter: since 9/11, more than 8,000 kids have lost a parent to war. about ten years ago the snowball express started as a way to bring those kids from all over the country together for a week of fun during the holidays. this is 17-year-old kimberly lopez.
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her dad, corporal lopez died in iraq when she was five. three days before christmas. >> it was like we were spending christmas alone. like completely alone. >> reporter: all of these kids say what makes the holidays harder is that friends at home, while supportive, just don't understand. >> they don't really know how it feels to not be able to say i love you or to hug him or to tell him how you feel. when you think about snowball, you have to say to them, do you feel the same? because at the end of the day we all feel the same. >> reporter: for many of the kids, being together is their first chance at closure. this week they are grateful to have people just like them to laugh, cry and remember the loved ones who cared so much to lay down their life in service. >> lost my dad. i gained so much brothers and sisters and cousins of just a family. >> re
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never be torn apart. >> this is the 12th year of the snowball express. it wrapped up yesterday in dallas. we'll start with breaking news in charlottesville. a man accused of driving his car in a crowd of protesters at the white supremacist rally is charged with first degree murder. james fields appeared in court this afternoon. the new first degree murder charge stipulates premeditation. fields, as you will recall, is accused of killing a32-year-old and injuries many others. he faces 20 years in prison if convicted. it could change how americans go online. federal communications commission voted today to get rid of net neutrality. it prevents service providers from speeding up, slowing down and blocking what you want to do online.
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this change was met with loud protests outside of the headquarters in washington today. the vote was not without drama. >> reporter: the hearing on net neutrality took an unexpected turn when the agency's chairman abruptly stopped the proceedings. >> we need to take a brief recess. >> reporter: police cleared the room and dogs were brought in. when nothing was found the hearing resumed. in a party line vote the agency decided to repeal net neutrality rules which guarantee equal access to the internet. republican chairman pushed for the change arguing the obama era rules kept internet service providers from expanding. >> investment in high speed networks declined by billion of dollars. >> reporter: net neutrality has been an emotional issue. producing protests in the streets and online. the two democrats on the commission voted against the roll back and did not hide their outrage. >> i decent from the corrupt process that has brought


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